About Andrei Duta

Andrei DutaAndrei Duta is a committed Founder and President of his nonprofit His Little Ones. Before coming to the United States as a young man, Andrei grew up in Bucharest, Romania. He saw first hand the amount of children who were left with out homes due to the fall of communism. During this time, women were forced to have five children and contraceptives were band in the country. Some families and mothers weren’t able to take care of their own, and in turn children were abandoned.

Andrei Duta saw the need for services to help these young kids grow and achieve new heights, so he decided to start his organization in 2001. His Little Ones sponsors four orphanages in Bucharest, Romania housing over 200 children.

Outside of his nonprofit organization, Andrei Duta chooses to keep his body in peek condition. He exercises daily and likes to treat his body to healthy and nutritious meals. Andrei attended Abilene Christian University where he was apart of the cross country team. This led him to a successful running career in which he participated in the New York, Boston and Dallas marathons posting great race times at each.

Andrei Duta was also a teacher for fours years at Pepperdine University. He taught organizational behavior, leadership, and mediation at the California university.

Moving forward, Andrei is looking to continue his work at His Little Ones, while also maintaining his entrepreneurial spirit along the way. If you would like to find out more information regarding Andrei and his health and fitness website click here.


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